We are a non-party political campaigning organisation involving disabled people, carers, trade unionists, activists, academics and health and social care professionals and workers.

We are a coalition of individual members and affiliated organisations campaigning for all social support, independent living and care services to be: 

  • Free at the point of use 
  • Fully funded through progressive taxation 
  • Subject to national standards based on article 19 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People, addressing people’s aspirations and choices and with robust safeguarding procedures. 
  • Publicly and  democratically run, designed and delivered locally and  co-productively involving Local Authorities, the NHS and service users, disabled people and carers 
  • Underpinned by a workforce who have appropriate  training, qualifications, career structure, pay and conditions. 
  • Committed to giving informal carers the rights and support they need.



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